6th Grade Parents -Help with 8th Grade Party! 

Help with this great event  -  

  • Students dress the part for the entire day (Parents welcome to dress as well) More the merrier.

  • Have theme-based activities during their class times 

  • Parents put on a feast for lunch

  • Decorate room, set up, prepare and bring food items, serve the kids, clean up. 

Parents of 6th & 7th Grade Students are asked to volunteer for this event.  

More to come...

Welcome 6th Grade Parent Volunteers

Supporting 6th grade level efforts and Can Do Rep activities.


6th Grade Level Representatives:









Please contact them for any questions you have regarding 6th Grade related information.

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Ling Ling Tang
6th Grade, VAL
6th Grade, 
Loren Altura
6th Grade, VAL